Traveling in Asia with kids

From impromptu lessons with locals, to bathing in spring water pools and spotting tigers in the jungle, Asia is nothing but intrigue and imagination for kids.
Is Asia suited to families? In a nutshell, yes. But, as every family is different, so is every country in Asia and what each brings to the table in terms of facilities, food and infrastructure differs greatly. You can go modern and fast-paced, opening your kids’ eyes up to the bright lights of China, or you can opt for a more traditional, slow vacation in somewhere like Burma or Borneo. Traveling anywhere in Asia with kids will bring challenges though, whether that’s long journeys, heat, insects, or upset tummies, so have a think about what essentials you can and can’t cope with before taking the plunge.

Things to do in Asia with kids

Kung Fu Schools

Way before the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan muscled in on the party, China’s Shaolin monks were dedicated to the study of Kung Fu for centuries. Learn all about the history behind the discipline before joining the monks at a monastery for a lesson, perhaps picking up a few moves to impress your friends back home.

Homestay with a local family

Asia’s rich tapestry of cultures is not something that you experience, but something that you remember too – especially if you’re a wide-eyed, judgment-free child: opt for a homestay in places like Mongolia, Nepal or Indochina and live with a local family to see just how much you can learn from mutual curiosity.

Whale watching

You can see whales in Sri Lanka? Who knew… In fact, you can spot up to 10 different species languishing in Sri Lanka’s big blue from late November to early April and the mighty blue whale is most likely to bask in the Indian Ocean’s warm waters from late March to mid-April.
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Tips for families

Liddy Pleasants, from our supplier, Stubborn Mule, who cycled across Southeast Asia with her two children aged two and five-years-old, shares her thoughts on Asia for families: “If we had to pick the ideal continent for a family vacation, then it would have to be Asia as there just isn’t anywhere else that packs in quite so much culture, scenery, wildlife, history and sheer colour. Southeast Asia offers a relatively gentle introduction to travel whilst still being incredibly exciting – the children will love taking ziplines through the jungle in northern Thailand, riding the bamboo train in Cambodia, kayaking through the gorgeous landscape of Halong Bay in Vietnam and exploring Inle Lake by longtail boat in Burma. The Indian subcontinent is also fabulous with a kaleidoscope of colour, tuk tuks, sacred cows, crazy buses and dreadlocked holy men in India, and a more relaxed vibe in Sri Lanka where you can cycle through peaceful paddy fields, search for leopards and explore the ruins of ancient cities. Then there’s China, with its futuristic skylines, stunning scenery and cuddly pandas…The question is where to start?!”
Written by Polly Humphris
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